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In European and particularly in French society, life expectancy is increasing and the population is ageing. The expectation of living in good physical and mental health is becoming a major concern. Nowadays, men and women are still working at 60 years old, and are looking both younger and energetic. This sea change in society has boosted the demand for aesthetic medicine. The aim of aesthetic medicine is to prevent, attenuate and delay the effects of ageing, while maintaining a natural appearance.

Cosmetic procedures for improving physical appearance and managing the effects of aging are evolving rapidly. The emergence of new products and new techniques (hyaluronic acid, Botox injections, peeling, laser treatments, radiofrequency technology, etc.) can fill in expression lines (frown lines, forehead lines), reduce fine lines under the eyes, correct dark circles, create larger looking eyes, treat slackening facial muscles, improve the contour of the face and chin, remove brown hyperpigmentation spots, make skin more radiant and improve complexion.

Doctor Ben Youssef, a graduate of Paris V Descartes University, where she studied aesthetic medicine and angiology, looks forward to discussing your concerns and expectations and propose solutions in compliance with the code of ethics of the profession. Each consultation in aesthetic medicine and phlebology is a privileged relation between doctor and patient.

Your doctor is ready to take the time to listen to you, understand your needs, establish a relationship of trust, inform you, advise you and respond to your request with rigour and professionalism.

These consultations in aesthetic medicine and phlebology for women and men will allow her to meet your expectations while at the same time respect a natural effect and conserve a harmonious facial expression.

Her practice of aesthetic medicine and phlebology is based on scientific knowledge, and approved products and techniques.



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