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Jet Peel

The Jet Peel adds radiance to the complexion


The Jet Peel is a treatment for the face and neck that is painless, gentle and effective. This treatment is ideal if you look tired, or have a dull complexion, the Jet Peel gives your face the added radiance you were looking for. Thanks to a jet of air mixed with active principles, it crosses the skin barrier, hydrates the skin, evens the complexion and adds natural radiance. It treats all types of skin, and is used especially to treat skin ageing, small lines, hydration and radiance.
The Jet Peel does not require the use of a needle.


The active principles of the Jet Peel:

  • Hyaluronic acid: moisturizes the skin and improves texture, fills in lines and produces the effect of added volume.
  • Vitamins A and E: with their antioxidant powers, they slow down the effects of ageing, limit the destruction of collagen and boost skin tone.
  • Vitamin B5: has a regenerating effect, firms the skin and gives it a burst of radiance.
  • Vitamin C: strengthens the immune system, boosts collagen production and restores the skin’s elasticity.
  • Glycolic Acid: corrects imperfections in pigment by eliminating dead cell

How a Jet Peel session takes place:

  • The skin is cleansed of make-up.
  • Using a handset that delivers a jet of air at high pressure and active principles (hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, E, B5 and C) the Jet Peel procures a sensation of well-being. In the first instance, this eliminates toxins.
  • Then the jet is intensified and enables exfoliation and opens the pores leading to the penetration of the active principle into the skin.


A result is visible right from the first session and can be optimised through further sessions at 15 day intervals. In general, 3 to 5 sessions with 10 to 15 days between sessions

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