Aesthetic medicine, Laser and Phebology
Dr. Ben Youssef

In cosmetic medicine and phlebology, the relationship between the doctor and her patient is essential; it must be based on trust, transparency and communication.
Dr. Ben Youssef is there to listen and understand your request, to advise you and inform you about her practice, and finally to give you a professional and rigorous answer.

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Dr Heyfa Ben Youssef | Médecin esthétique et phlébologue angiologue | Paris 8

The rates

The rates of cosmetic medicine and phlebology procedures depends on the technique used, the material used, and the characteristics of the treated area of the body.

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Hyaluronic acid for dark circles : 480€
HydraFacial : from 170€
Cryolipolysis : from 300€
Phlebology : 70€

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