Laser treatment of couperose

Laser treatment of couperose


How to treat couperose ?

Couperose (damaged skin capillaries) and erythrosis are commonplace chronic conditions that cause redness on the face. Couperose consists of dilated superficial veins located on each side of the nose, and on the cheeks.

Erythrosis is predominantly present on the cheekbones, nose, cheeks and can be more widespread, affecting the forehead, chin and even the face as a whole. Couperose can be isolated or be a symptom of a disease such as rosacea. There are known trigger factors such as exposure to sun, alcohol consumption and the emotions.

Couperose can be considered unsightly, which leads to patients consulting and a high demand for treatment.
Vascular lasers are a revolution in the treatment of couperose as they provide a satisfactory solution for patients strongly seeking relief.
Global couperose treatment is indispensable, as the dermatological, cosmetic aspect aimed to protect and soothe is an indispensable complement to the laser treatment.

Recommendations before the Laser session to treat couperose

Vascular laser treatment is carried out on skin that is not tanned; otherwise there is a risk of burning. Do not apply anything to the areas to be treated; no creams or make-up.

How a vascular laser session takes place

  • In the clinic of your aesthetic doctor/phlebologist, without a general anaesthetic
  • Protect the eyes with specific goggles, provided by your doctor/laser operator.
  • The average duration of the session is 20 minutes depending on the areas to be treated.
  • Depending on the couperose, 2 to 3 sessions may be required.
  • Once you are comfortably installed, your doctor uses the hand piece to apply the laser to the red lines on the face, along the path of the dilated capillaries, by a jet of cold air. Discomfort is slight.


Recommendations after the Laser session to treat couperose

  • Avoid exposure to the sun in the month following the treatment.
  • Apply a soothing, healing cream you will be given a prescription for at the consultation.
  • Sun screen with a high protective index is necessary.

The results of Laser treatment of couperose

Treatment by Nd: YAG laser is quite spectacular as the result is visible instantly.
After the session, the face is red and slight swelling may persist for a few days. Fine crusts may form and eventually disappear.
An annual maintenance session will be required for long-term results.

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