Laser is a very effective treatment used in a number of medical fields, in particular in aesthetic medicine. It is the benchmark treatment for permanent hair removal. Laser is also very effective on red marks (Couperose (damaged skin capillaries), spider angioma, etc.) and can be used to remove brown spots or lentigo. Our clinic is equipped with the latest generation of lasers for permanent epilation for light or dark skin. We also have highly efficient Lasers for treating couperose and telangiectasias (spider veins), removing brown spots and scars.    

The word LASER is an acronym for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”.

Laser light is directional, coherent and monochromatic. Lasers have modes of emission of different beams. This leads to various mechanisms of interaction between the Laser and the living tissue.
The targets in the living tissue are called chromophores – haemoglobin, melanin or water.  Medical lasers have a number of therapeutic properties, including the treatment of acne, pigment spots, varicosities and hair removal

Laser treatment in aesthetic medicine and vascular medicine is fast and effective. A good result requires a high-performance laser, in-depth theoretical knowledge and well-determined indications


Led therapy can treat several skin problems including acne, anti-age treatment with photo modulation and scarring

épilation définitive Laser


Laser is the benchmark treatment for permanent hair removal […].

traitement de la Couperose par Laser

Facial redness

Our clinic is equipped with the latest generation Laser dedicated to the treatment of Couperose and redness on the face […]

traitement des taches brunes par Laser

Brown spots

Brown spots, also called pigment spots, liver spots, age spots or lentigo are dark patches that appear with age and correspond to a build up of melanin on areas of the skin exposed to the sun (face, décolleté, hands and arms) […]

Traitement des varicosités par Laser


Laser treatment is effective for varicosities. The medical term is telangiectasias, and means small, dilated blood vessels under the skin, of up to 1mm in diameter, visible to the naked eye. […]

LED thérapie

LED Lamp therapy

Light Emitting Diode or LED light is a gentle medical procedure increasingly used in aesthetic medicine. […]

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