Sclérose des varices

Treatment of varicosities by sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is the gold standard for the treatment of varicosities. It is a complete, effective technique which requires and experienced operator.

Different sclerosants (Aetoxisclerol, Trombovar or Scleremo) and different concentrations of a single product can be used depending on the varicosity and its depth. Sclerosants come in liquid form or as a foam.

Sclerosis of varicose veins generally requires several sessions. To ensure a good, long term result, a treatment schedule must be drawn up and a rigorous approach applied.

Our goal is to meet your expectations, avoid aggravating vein disease and the appearance of complications, re-establish satisfactory hemodynamics and achieve a satisfactory result on both a functional and an aesthetic level

How a sclerotherapy session takes place

  • In a doctor’s surgery without the need for prior anaesthetics
  • Fasting is not recommended prior to the sessions
  • After disinfecting the area to be treated, your phlebologist proceeds to make the injections, using a very fine needle, the sclerosant is injected intra veinously locally at the level of the telangiectasias, the network of capillaries disappears instantly
  • The treatment can be carried out under the guidance of ultrasound
  • Discomfort is moderate

Cases where sclerotherapy is indicated

  • Saphenous trunks and their varicose veins
  • Reticular veins, telangiectasias
  • Residual or recurring varicose veins after surgical removal
  • Non-saphenous varicose veins
  • Peri-ulcer varicose veins

Side effects of sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is considered a safe procedure, nonetheless there are some side effects, often benign, a Microthrombi (small clot trapped in the varicosities can be removed by micro incision with a needle), pigmentations.

Other complications only occur occasionally, such as an allergy, a migraine, thrombosis, necrosis, neo-telangiectasia (matting), or vasovagal syncope (fainting),

It is important to find a vascular surgeon when necessary; sclerotherapy can be carried out as a complement to a surgical procedure in a second phase.

It is also possible to combine sclerosis and laser treatments.

Vein health

In any case, all these treatments should be associated with a healthy lifestyle to improve venous circulation.
Exercise (walking, cycling, and swimming) is a pillar of vein treatment, added to a balanced diet (excess weight aggravates venous symptoms). Exposure to sun and standing for long periods are strongly discouraged

Support hose

A prescription for support hose is often provided

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